Dual Cyclonic Separators


Our sand separators provide a technically superior solution.

Our series of patented separators are designed to protect vital field processing and testing equipment from erosion due to particulates in both the initial flowback and the production flow. Our separators have proven, proprietary sand separation technology that can handle the tough applications. If needed for a month, of the life of the well, Wayfinder’s sand separators will protect your investment.

Our sand separators are easily adaptable to protect flowback testing equipment during initial flowback of wells to minimize cost and safety concerns with washed equipment during the process. This ability to simply add or remove piping to differentiate between flowback and production applications provides cost savings and ensures the Wayfinder separator is the only sand separation solution your well will ever need.

What sets Wayfinder’s sand separation solution apart from competitors?

Our ability to easily collect samples from ports at strategically located positions both before and after the vessel, allow us to validate the performance of our separators, as well as gain valuable knowledge of solids during the initial flowback operation.

These samples are then tested and analyzed in our Calgary lab for the following:

  • Amount of solids flowing back

  • Composition of the solids

  • If flowback particles are crushed

  • Size of solids the separators are catching

The knowledge gathered from the analysis not only validates the performance of the separator but provides valuable information that can be used to design a better frac.

Sand Separator Highlights

  • Patented dual cyclonic separation

  • Offering 3k and 5k psi options

  • Reduce NPT losses from washout and erosion failures

  • Lower OPEX than alternative separators

  • Removable wear insert for ease of inspection

  • Simple blowdown procedures to remove sand from vessel

  • Capable of dumping without interrupting production

  • Suitable for sour gas (NACE) service

  • Meets safety requirements for all of Western Canada

  • Multiple sample ports and injections ports (methanol and chemical)

  • SCADA compatible monitoring dashboard

  • Flexible rental, leasing and purchase options