We Are The Proppant Company

Wayfinder Corp. is a privately held, Alberta-based company that provides total proppant management for oil and gas E&P companies. We make extra efforts to support our clients in achieving their goals, as their success is linked to ours. Concentrating on serving the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, we strive to exceed the expectations of all stakeholders by empowering our team members and by continuously improving upon our strategic goals. In the pursuit of a shared vision, we operate in an environment of mutual support, trust, and safety.

We operate two unit-train capable transload facilities – Gold Creek, with 50,000 metric tonnes of storage capacity; and Obed, which is also home to Wayfinder’s state-of-the-art resin coating plant, with 20,000 metric tonnes of storage capacity. Wayfinder recently added industry leading sand separation capability and now operates the closest regional sand facility to the Duvernay.