WaySAND is a high-quality regional frac sand, produced by Wayfinder Corp at its facility located 80km SE of Whitecourt on Hwy 43. This regional sand facility is closest to the Duvernay.

The processing plant will be producing 100 mesh and 40/70 mesh frac sand. Both grades will be available from the facility near the Duvernay and at strategic locations around the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

WaySAND is a cost-effective alternative to Tier 1 frac sand, which meets API / ISO specifications. Most importantly the sand is available at any time, overcoming issues with rail transportation and Tier 1 shortages.

Key Benefits

  • Cost effective

  • API/ISO compliant

  • Transloaded at multiple locations throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin

  • Reliably available

Learn more about WaySAND by contacting us or downloading the Safety Data Sheet.

40/70 Mesh

Crush: 7k
Acid Solubility: 1.4%
Quartz Content: 96%

100 Mesh

Crush: 8k
Acid Solubility: 1.1%
Quartz Content: 96%

Northern White


Wayfinder facilitates the movement of premium Tier 1 Northern White sand in various mesh sizes through both our Obed and Gold Creek facilities. The sand is cost-effectively received by unit train from Wisconsin and stored on site in silos with a total capacity of 70,000 metric tonnes.

Our Obed facility is directly accessible from the Yellowhead highway. It also offers an exclusive bridge crossing the Athabasca river and the shortest route to the Deep Basin.

Our Gold Creek facility is located just South of Grand Prairie, with quick access to Highway 40 and Canfor Road, east across the Smoky River.

Both locations each provide 3 high-speed truck loadouts with a capacity to service over 300 trucks in a single day.

Key Benefits:

  • Cost effective Tier 1 Northern White

  • High-speed truck loadouts

  • Shortest route to the Deep Basin from Obed and the South Montney from Gold Creek

Learn more about the Tier 1 frac sand by contacting us or downloading the Safety Data Sheet.

30/50 Mesh

Crush: 8k
Acid Solubility: 0.56%
Quartz Content: 98%

40/70 Mesh

Crush: 9k
Acid Solubility: 0.51%
Quartz Content: 98%