Unit Train Capable Transloading Facilities


Wayfinder is one of the industry leaders in independent frac sand transloading in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

Wayfinder currently operates two frac sand transloading facilities in Alberta. Both are unit train capable operations which can unload a railcar in ten minutes and load a truck in six minutes. Both locations each provide 3 high-speed truck loadouts with a capacity to service over 300 trucks in a single day.


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Obed Facility

Wayfinder’s Obed facility is in Dalehurst, just east of Hinton. It contains 20,000 metric tonnes of available storage, with track space for over 300 railcars. This site services the Deep Basin, and provides unique access to Northern White, Regional and Resin Coated Proppant, through the use of a privately-owned bridge over the Athabasca river.

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Gold Creek Facility

Gold Creek, just south of Grande Prairie, is also home to a Wayfinder facility. It has 50,000 metric tonnes of storage and track space for over 200 railcars. This site is jointly operated with Bailly’s Transport and provides unparalleled access to the South Montney.